Jehovah’s Witnesses – yesteryear…. [USA]

It’s common knowledge: the pictures that capture your attention and make you take a second and third look are those that are out of the ordinary – the things that just make you go “ahhh” and “hmmmm” and “ehhhh?” Well I had one of those moments a few minutes ago when I encountered of all things, historical photos of Jehovah Witnesses from LIFE magazine via Google.

Here in Trinidad the JWs are best known for standing on street corners selling Watchtower magazines and knocking on neighbourhood doors in an attempt to spread their gospel. These images are therefore as informative as they are riveting.


4 Responses to “Jehovah’s Witnesses – yesteryear…. [USA]”

  1. You neglected to mention in your present day description of them, Pixelle, the black umbrellas that they ‘tote’ around with them.
    Hmmm…I wonder if they have any more of those ‘sling over your shoulder’ AWAKE Bags. LOL
    For some entertainment, here is a list of some ‘celebrities’ who are purportedly Jehovah’s Witnesses:
    – Prince
    – George Benson
    – Venus & Serena Williams
    – Ja Rule
    – Eve Arden
    – Evelyn Mandela
    – Lou Whitaker
    – Selena
    – Katherine Jackson
    – Geri Halliwell
    – Terrence HowardNaomi Campbell
    – Mickey Spillane
    – Gloria Naylor

    Kim Holland ( a dutch porn actress was also a JW, but I guess it didnt accommodate for her -career dreams?

  2. Nice pictures. Enjoyed them.

  3. middleman777 Says:

    I’m curious, where did you get those pictures? From their own publications perhaps? Blessings…


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