The Lunar Mission – 40 years on [USA]

I wasn’t even born in 1969. I read about it but unfortunately I’d read what the naysayers said first before the historical data…. that the lunar landing was a hoax. That 40 years ago man did not land on the moon and that it was an elaborate setup. I mean for starters can anyone truly believe that the videotape of this monumental feat got erased and reused?  If you read what the skeptics say before you absorb the celebratory melodrama of the landing you are inclined to disbelieve that man’s feet actually left an impression on lunar surface. But what is sure hoax or not Commander Neil Armstrong and his crew did leave an impression on history. And the various news sites are do believe and exhibiting various images of the event e.g. CNET News.

 Today there are people who believe very strongly that the mission was accomplished and I see all over the Internet there are events celebrating Apollo II’s successful feat such as Purdue University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections Exhibit  Purdue’s Place in Space: From the Midwest to the Moon.

 Check out the top 10 Apollo hoax claims here. Real or not? Check out both sides of the story and decide for yourself.


4 Responses to “The Lunar Mission – 40 years on [USA]”

  1. The Arizona republic News is reporting : NASA, ASU restoring Apollo photos . Have a read:

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